Here are some more backstage news and notes from the ECW/SmackDown! taping in Albany, NY:

JBL arrived by himself, parked his own car, and looked just the way he looks on TV. (Suit, cowboy hat, etc).

Bobby Lashley and Mr. Kennedy left the building to work out together. The two also arrived together. Kennedy was very friendly and joking with all staff backstage and it seemed like he was very well liked among his peers.

Big Guido arrived by himself. Roadkill as well.

Stevie Richards was one of the first wrestlers inside the building.

There is a cage setup out in the back. No word on if they will be using it.

Kurt Angle and The Big Show had still not arrived at the arena by 2EST. That was the scheduled time that everyone was told to be there by.

Everyone has followed the dress code. Cena and Matt Hardy appear to be the exceptions.

Make sure to stick with us throughout the day for continued backstage coverage from the ECW/SD! tapings in Albany, New York!