Angle Back To SmackDown!?, Orton/Hogan, Fake Kane To SmackDown!, More

Doink the Clown at Vengeance was Steve Lombardi.

As noted, the working idea is to build to a Randy Orton vs. Hulk Hogan match at Summerslam. Hogan's WWE contract gives him full control over angles and finishes.


The 6/17 Raw replay on Telemundo did a 2.11 hispanic rating (337,000 viewers). WWE drew 441,000 viewers last week in Spain.

There is already early talk that Kurt Angle will be switched back to SmackDown! upon his return from his hiatus. The feeling is that they needed a big name like Angle to be moved in the beginning in order to get the ECW name out to the fans. Once the brand name is out and established, Angle could be moved back.

Dave Meltzer is reporting that Drew Hankinson ("Imposter" Kane) is scheduled to be moved to Smackdown with a new gimmick.