AP Picks Up RVD/Sabu Story, Backstage Reaction To Drug Bust Inside

The Associated Press released a wire story regarding the arrests of Rob Van Dam and Sabu on drug possession charges this past weekend. The following is a clip picked up by The LA Times: "The trooper, who searched the car after smelling marijuana, found 18 grams of marijuana and five tablets of Vicodin, a prescription painkiller, with Szatowski. Brunk had a pipe used to smoke marijuana and nine pills. Smith said he didn't know what type of drug the pills were. Both were charged with drug abuse. Szatowski also was accused of possession of marijuana and Brunk was charged with having drug paraphernalia."


Although this isn't a huge surprise, WWE officials were said to be very upset about Rob Van Dam and Sabu being arrested over the weekend. This really couldn't have come at a worse time for WWE seeing how they finally put the title on Rob Van Dam and how both RVD and Sabu were huge parts of the new ECW brand. With Kurt Angle on the way out for an extended hiatus, it puts the ECW brand in very bad shape.

According to reports, WWE is already trying to formulate plans for the direction of ECW in the coming weeks seeing as RVD and Sabu have put them in a very bad position in the public eye. To make matters worse, the ECW brand was something that was really put over at WWE's recent conference call in front of stockholders so having a champion and another star getting busted for possession of drugs and substances doesn't look very good.