Aries Back In TNA, Roderick Strong Quits, iMPACT! Replay Rating

The replay of Impact this past Saturday did a 0.5 rating.

Austin Aries released the following information on his website: Finally, I'm happy to report after a couple of months of negotiating, I am set to re-sign and return with TNA. I'm looking forward to coming back and expect to make quite an Impact! upon my arrival. I'll have more on this once I return from my tour of Japan. Aries was suspended months ago by TNA for not following a company request to leave immediately for Orlando on a Saturday, to ensure that he would arrive on time for the PPV. He, along with Roderick Strong, stayed and worked for Ring of Honor and then got a flight, which got them to the PPV in time for their match, but much later than desired by TNA. Both men were suspended for their actions.

Roderick Strong had been brought back briefly after the suspension, but his deal expired, he didn't want to re-sign with TNA and is now done with the company.

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