The Miz did himself no favors on the 7/10 RAW when he messed up his lines. The perception is that he was so intent on himself and his own material over on the Diva Search segment that he forget the important things (forgetting the code number even though it was written down on his hand and messing up the address of Also, they did a run-through earlier in the day for him to go over what need said. When it was over, the feeling was that he had a bad night.

Tommy Dreamer got a ton of real heat over his website comments concerning ECW, and how he was fed up about it and would get in trouble if he said what he was really thinking. He claimed it was pure storyline but nobody believed him on that. He s now not allowed to write anything else on the site.

On eBay, Francine recently bid and won a piece of fitness equipment to improve the appearance of her butt and thighs. The device she purchased is called a “Thane Bun & Thigh Isolator.” Even though she has yet to appear on television, Francine has been appearing on ECW house shows as of late – usually in a bikini contest against Kelly Kelly. In several fan reports, Kelly Kelly has been getting rave reviews regarding her physique. On the other hand, Francine has been ripped in several reports – usually about how her butt and thighs looked flabby and out of shape. It is unknown if WWE pressured her to get into better shape or if she did this for herself.

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