Backstage Naturals Update, Jake Roberts/TNA, Hardy's Status, Lots More

The current status of The Naturals (Chase Stevens & Andy Douglas) in TNA has been described as "to be determined." It was noted this past week that both were asked to cut their hair in order to change the look of the tag team now that they will be managed by Shane Douglas. TNA has aired vignettes of Douglas training both over the last two weeks on Spike TV.

As noted on Monday night, Jake "The Snake" Roberts was backstage at the TNA TV tapings in Orlando along with former TNA wrestler Synn. According to reports, Synn pitched an idea for TNA to use him with Roberts as his mouthpiece. Roberts also made it clear to TNA officials that while he didn't come looking for a job, he would be open to the idea if TNA was interested. As of now, TNA has no plans to bring in either of the two.

There remains no plans to bring Jeff Hardy back to TNA TV. Although Hardy has been praised for making all of his scheduled bookings for recent TNA/UWF House Show events, many have pointed out how the shows are only a short distance from Hardy's home in North Carolina, so it didn't take much for him to show up. The feeling is that while TNA would like to invest time in Hardy, they don't feel he is reliable enough given his track record of no showing past TNA events that hurt the company storyline wise.

The early number making the rounds regarding Thursday night's edition of TNA iMPACT! is a 1.0 rating, although that is strictly a preliminary number right now and isn't 100% confirmed. As noted earlier, last night was a big night for TNA as it was one of the first episodes on Spike TV without a UFC lead-in. So if the show pulls an impressive rating, it will no doubt raise Spike TV's confidence in the product.

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