According to reports, Shawn Michaels is not excited about the current D-Generation X reunion storyline on WWE TV at the moment. Despite this, those close to the situation have stated that Michaels has been totally professional about it.

Based on what is known, Michaels knows that this is something that logically had to be done in WWE to peak interest. However, Michaels has worried about not wanting to look like a hypocrite and has expressed a desire for his Christian lifestyle to be honored doing the DX angle by not being put in situations that are considered to be too outlandish.

While Michaels has stated that he is open to “mooning” skits, he was not open to strong sexual content or swearing on TV.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that the reaction to the past few shows featuring Degenration-X has been a success, but the question remains, how long will it last? So far, they are redoing 1997, and people who lived through the generation of Four Horseman revivals know the first few weeks are good and then it fades fast.

Triple H turns 38 next month and Shawn Michaels turns 41 a few days later. By all logic, they are too old to play “Wayne’s World” anymore. The hot program with the McMahon’s is likely leading into a match with the McMahon’s at SummerSlam, and then the group moving on from there.