Backstage Reason Lashley Lost The US Title, Warrior's Return

There is a bit of a story behind Finlay's recent U.S. Title win. Lashley was scheduled for a significantly longer run as a champion. Even if he wasn't, it would have presumed that he'd lose it at the GAB in a two-on-one match. Lashley losing his belt was a bit of a punishment. Lashley was very unhappy with WWE's ruling. Even though it was one of the first things speculated on, Lashley didn't fail a steroid test, and if that were the case, he would have been suspended for 30 days. The title being taken off of him was somewhat of a precautionary measure due to his health (which turned out to be elevated enzymes of the liver).

The official website of TNT Pro Wrestling ( has removed the graphic that featured a silhouette of the Ultimate Warrior. A new graphic was put in its place and it still reads "HE IS COMING! The Myth, The Legend, The Icon. September 9 – It All Begins!" However, the silhouette on the graphic is of a non-descript generic wrestler instead of the Ultimate Warrior. The original graphic was pulled down on Monday.