It seems as though that John Cena’s MySpace page has been hacked again. Although, the person who controls the account claims that John Cena wrote a blog that said WWE told him to close the account. If that’s the case, the URL would be free for anyone to register it – and someone jumped the gun and registered it. It says the account was registered on 6/30, so perhaps WWE did tell Cena to close it. Although, the page is still linked from his profile page on is currently an anti-Cena page.

On the July 29th RAW house show they’ve advertised Hacksaw Jim Duggan vs. Viscera (w/Melina). So I am guessing Viscera goes heel soon. But I checked out the previous night’s show on the 28th and in a goof-up, they advertised Hacksaw Jim Duggan vs. Johnny Nitro (w/Melina), who is also scheduled to wrestle in the IC title match the same night, and they also advertised Jim Duggan vs. Viscera (w/o Melina) so must have messed up copying-and-pasting from one show to another. (Thanks to Steven Fernandes)

Smackdown did a 2.4 fast national rating, with a 5 share, last night. Given that New York and LA both aired the show last night, it’s probably close to what the final number will be. That will be out sometime next week.