Debut At XCW Tonight, Rodney Mack, New TV Deals, More

Last week's XCW was an action packed show for the fans with Pride & Honor! What could possibly go down tonight in XCW at the XCW Arena in Denton ?

Well, Kevin Paine said that he is the biggest dog in the yard and tonight he will be able to prove himself against Rodney Mack, so tonight it will be Rodney Mack vs. Kevin Pain in a House of Pain match . Jack Drastic proved himself last week with his one touch SOB after facing Big Japan Masada, tonight the challenge rises to XCW Heavy Weight Gold against the New XCW Champion and International Playa Canyon.

Also Fast Eddie will make his XCW debut when he faces the XCW Ghetto Superstar Hot Stuff Hernandez. Angel of Sinn will be making another return to XCW and faces the newest Star to XCW, Louie The Hand. The action is also planned to continue so for those who want to attend the show, XCW is tonight, Friday 14 th July at 8PM at the XCW Arena in Denton .

XCW have signed TV deals in LA, South Dade Florida, and Boston for XCW PPV's and VOD's nationwide. This month on XCW PPV and VOD is the XCW Playerz Ball, check local listings for more.