Early Results From The SmackDown! Tapings

The following is from PWInsider.com:

Shelton Benjamin d. Harry Smith

King Booker wins a battle royal to earn a title shot at Rey Mysterio s Smackdown title at the Great American Bash.

Mr. Kennedy d. Super Crazy when Psicosis distracted Crazy.

They announced that later Batista goes against Mark Henry
at Great American Bash

The Great Khali NC Tatanka

Vito d. Psicosis via submission due to distraction from Super Crazy

The Pitbulls d. Scotty 2 Hotty & Funaki, when Noble pinned Scotty

Bobby Lashley d. Gregory Helms in a non title match

3 Way announced for Great American Bash is Lashley vs. Finley vs. Regal

Batista came out, called out Mark Henry, he came down the walkway then Mysterio came down, Henry tossed Mysterio into the wall and Batista destroyed Henry.