ECW News, Saturday Night's Main Event, King Booker

WWE merchandising will be discontinuing the EC F'N W Shirt soon due to Vince McMahon reportedly feels that the shirt is too ridiculous.

Saturday Night's Main Event will be airing live in the United Kingdom on Sky Sports 3 at 1AM local time. Sky has been practically airing everything WWE has produced as far as television shows are concerned and is the only country outside North America to air RAW live. A repetition of Friday Night Smackdown! will be the lead-in to Saturday Night's Main Event – featuring the return of Hulk Hogan – starting at 11PM local time. A replay of SNME will air at 5PM on Sunday on the same channel.

Rory McAllister and Robbie McAllister now have their own profiles on the raw roster at

Saturday Night's Main Event will air on Saturday at 8PM on CityTV in Canada.

King Booker and Sharmell will be at Landmark Chevrolet in Houston, TX from 5 to 7PM this Friday for an autograph session.