ECW News: Tazz Update, Joey Styles/Ric Flair, More


Tazz's latest "Shootin' With Tazz" audio is up on

Tazz was the guest on Opie and Anthony's show yesterday. He did a lot of promotion for tonight's SNME show.

Joey Styles named Ric Flair the Most Extreme Player of the week in his column. He said, "Speaking of which, I thought Heyman's declaration of himself as ECW's "martyr, savior and messiah," sans stigmata, was too religious for my good taste. Besides, the Backlash pay-per-view buy rate proved once again that religion and wrestling will not fill the collection plates at the box office window. Of course, I am not allowed to say something like that on television. Actually, you fans would be shocked to find out what I am not allowed to say on television these days. Until next week, I am Joey Styles, unedited, uncensored and unafraid."