ECW News: Vince Changing Things, Joey Styles Upset, & More

Credit: Newsletter

Some new reports have stated that Joey Styles has stopped protesting things he is asked to do by WWE when it comes to his announcing style. It is no secret he butted heads with Vince McMahon when he first signed with the company and become a full-time announcer on Monday Night RAW. His switch over to the ECW brand looked to have been a nice transition, only that McMahon and WWE still want him to announce a certain way regardless if it is ECW or not now that it is under the WWE umbrella.

One report this week stated that Styles had a long meeting with Vince McMahon following the ECW TV taping and that he came out in a less than good mood. So while Styles has a history of calling matches a certain way, WWE wants him to forget that and try a different approach. Whether or not the Tuesday meeting Styles had with McMahon will see that change remains to be seen.