ECW On Sci Fi Results - July 11, 2006

(Credit: & Buck Woodward)

ECW on SciFi opened with a video package highlighting last week's ECW World Title change, and how Paul Heyman cost Rob Van Dam the belt against The Big Show.

The show opening aired, then Joey Styles and Tazz welcomed us to the show, announcing that Ric Flair vs. Big Show for the ECW World Title would be an "Extreme Rules" match later tonight.

Paul Heyman came to the ring, escorted by two helmeted police men. Heyman said he cost RVD the title, but he shouldn't be blamed for Van Dam's "downfall". Heyman said it was the fault of the fans that Van Dam is no longer the champion, and it is the fault of the fans that he had to suspend Rob Van Dam for 30 days. Heyman said he tried to slow down Rob Van Dam and convince him not to defend the title every night, but the fans were driving RVD into an "early retirement" by pushing him. The fans chanted "RVD". Heyman said the fans chants drove RVD to the ECW World Title, but it also drove Heyman to take it off of him. Heyman said the fans didn't understand the sacrifices he was making for them. Heyman said he sacrificed his friendship with Rob Van Dam for "their sins". Heyman said he would "be their Messiah" and make decisions that were for the benefit of ECW. Heyman said he would lead ECW to the "promised land". So, Paul blamed the fans, but then said he would save them, all in one promo.

The camera followed Heyman as he exited the ring, with the police in tow, and headed to the back. Heyman walked by several wrestlers, including Roadkill and the FBI. Tommy Dreamer confronted Heyman, saying they had all stood by him, and he wanted an explanation. Heyman said he wanted to give him one, and that he especially owed Dreamer one, but that there was no time to give him one, since his match was next. Dreamer looked surprised to find out he had a match, as Heyman walked off.

They plugged that Sabu would be in action later tonight as they went to break.

Back from commercial, Dreamer, in street clothes, taped up his wrists as he came to the ring. Test is his opponent.

Tommy Dreamer vs. Test.

As Test came to the ring, they showed highlights of him squashing Al Snow last week. The announcers speculated that Test knew about the match in advance. Test slapped Dreamer twice, and Dreamer responded with punches. Dreamer kicked away a backdrop and gave him a Cactus Clothesline to the floor. On the outside, Test lifted Dreamer and rammed him back first into the ring post. Test rolled Dreamer back into the ring and dared him to get up. Test hit a clothesline in the corner, then yelled for him to get up again. There was a "Tommy Dreamer" chant as Test whipped Dreamer across the ring into the opposite corner. Test trash talked Dreamer, calling him a loser, then stomped him down in a corner. Test gave Dreamer a side slam, then put him in a bear hug. Dreamer poked Test in the eyes to get out of it, then fired off some punches. Test hit a knee to the gut, but Dreamer booted a charging Test in the midsection, then hit a pair of neckbreakers. Dreamer ripped open his shirt to reveal a "EC F'N W" shirt. Dreamer set up Test for a DDT, but Test reversed out of it and gave Dreamer a full nelson slam. Test went to the top rope, but missed a top rope elbow. Dreamer lifted Test for the Death Valley Driver, but Test held onto the ropes, floated out of it, and rolled up Dreamer for the pin at the four minute mark, putting his feet on the ropes for leverage.

Winner: Test.

Backstage, Candice Michelle was getting dressed, and told Kelly Kelly that when they dance tonight, she will "make it Extreme".

They plugged Big Show vs. Ric Flair as they went to break.

Ariel the Tarot Card Reader was shown, saying "The future holds .... a lot" (or "a lie", I couldn't tell). The Vampire then showed up, and looked like he was going to bite her neck, but instead spit "blood" on the lens.

Kelly and Candice then danced, with Candice basically dancing around Kelly, who stood still and just took her top off and bent over when told. It really came off like Candice was dancing around Kelly to cover for the fact that she can't dance. I know this will shock you, but Mike Knox came out and covered Kelly with a towel (this time before she even unhooked her bra). Kelly and Knox argued, when the Sandman came out. Kelly and Candice left, while Sandman gave Knox a "thumbs down" and caned him. There was an "ECW chant". Sandman caned Knox up onto the stage area, then caned Knox through the backdrop and to the floor. Sandman celebrated with a beer on the stage.

The "tale of the tape" for Big Show vs. Ric Flair was shown. Funny, no one has mentioned that Big Show won the WCW World Title from Ric Flair yet.

CM Punk was shown backstage. He said his tattoos were "declarations" not just "decorations". He pointed out his "Drug Free", "Honor" and "There is a War" (against the system) tattoos.

Sabu vs. Justin Credible

They hyped that Sabu will be in an "Extreme Rules" match on Saturday Night's Main Event, but didn't name an opponent. Sabu dove at Credible at the bell, but Credible hit him with a legdrop and hit some punches. Sabu whipped Credible into a corner, then hit a fireman's carry takedown, and a springboard leg lariat. Justin went to the floor and looked for a table, and Sabu hit him with a pescado. Sabu tossed Credible back in and hit a slingshot somersault legdrop for a two count. Sabu went to the floor and set up the table. The announcers stressed that this was not "Extreme Rules". Sabu dropped Credible face first on the ring apron, then put him on the table on the floor. Sabu hit a second rope legdrop to the floor, putting Credible through the table. Sabu was disqualified at the two minute mark.

So, how many times have we seen someone use a table on the floor, outside of the ring, in WWE matches and not get disqualified? Now, in ECW, if it isn't "Extreme Rules" it's a DQ?

Winner via disqualification: Justin Credible.

Sabu went after the referee with a spike, although they cut to replay, and when we came back, he obviously hadn't spiked him. Sabu left with the spike clenched in his teeth.

Balls Mahoney did a promo from backstage, saying he was an "ECW original".

A Ric Flair promo was shown, with Flair saying he was chasing down his 17th World Title tonight. Flair mentioned Mick Foley's promo from last night and said Mick Foley needed to "grow something down here" (although we couldn't see what Flair was gesturing to). Flair went back to Big Show, saying when he makes a mistake, Flair would "eat him alive".

Shannon Moore, in his "Prince Of Punk" garb was shown backstage. He didn't say anything, but they had a graphic that said "Shannon Moore Is Coming".

ECW World Champion Big Show vs. Ric Flair – Extreme Rules.

Show shoved Flair into a corner as they locked up. Show chopped Flair, and Flair went to the eyes, but Show no-sold it and headbutted Flair. Flair rolled to the floor as they went to commercial.

During the commercial, they advertised that ECW will be on at 11pm est. next week.

Back from break, Flair chopped Show in a corner, but Show press slammed Flair. Show headbutted and punched Flair, who started bleeding from the forehead. Flair fired up for some chops, but Show returned fire and Flair did the Flair Flop to the mat. Show chopped Flair in a corner, then gave him a Beel throw. Show clotheslined Flair over the top rope and to the floor. Flair reached under the ring and pulled out a trash can of weapons. Show approached Flair on the outside, and they traded chops. Show rolled Flair into the ring, and the can of weapons remained on the floor.

Show got in the ring and gave Flair a vertical suplex. Flair was a bloody mess. Flair dared Show to bring on more. Flair hit some chops and punches, but it had no effect. Show headbutted Flair, then hit an awkward powerslam. I think Joey Styles just mentioned that Show beat Flair for the WCW Title a decade ago. Show headbutted Flair, but Flair came back with a low blow. Show didn't leave his feet, and Flair kicked Show in the nads, twice. Show went down to one knee. Flair went for the can of weapons, and pulled out a barbed wire baseball bat. Flair hit Show in the head and stomach with it, then rubbed the barbed wire bat across Show's forehead. There was an "ECW" chant. Show was bleeding from the forehead. Flair blasted Big Show with a trash can to the head twice, then hit him in the gut and back with a chair. Show collapsed to the mat. Flair covered Show, but Show kicked out, tossing Flair away.

Flair pulled out a bag of thumbtacks and covered the mat with them. Flair hit Show with a trio of chairshots to the head, and Show fell backwards into the thumbtacks. Show got up, looking angry, and charged into Flair with a clothesline. Show then hit a chokeslam on Flair. Show lifted Flair up off the mat, out him in a Cobra Clutch, and turned it into a backbreaker. Show held onto the Cobra, and got the win at the thirteen minute mark.

Winner: Big Show.

Show grabbed Flair in the Cobra again and flung Flair across the ring, into the thumbtacks. Show walked off with his belt, bleeding heavily from the forehead. They showed Flair in the ring, thumbtacks on his body.

Some replays from the match were shown, and we saw officials helping Ric Flair from the ring. There was a "Thank You Flair" chant as Flair walked out of the arena. The announcers put over how Ric Flair proved he could "get Extreme" and wondered if anyone could beat the Big Show as the show ended.