ECW On SCI-FI Results - Big Show/Kane, More

ECW On SCI-FI Results – Big Show/Kane, More

- Promo for tonight's ECW title match.

- Mike Knox and Kelly Kelly are in the ring. Knox shows a highlight package of Kelly dancing. He says she can't take her clothes off in public, and shows Kelly getting caned by Sandman from last week. Knox said Sandman caned her on purpose.

(1) The Sandman vs. Mike Knox. Didn't we see this last week? Sandman nearly canes Kelly when Test runs in and attacks The Sandman for the DQ finish. Test gives The Sandman a swinging neckbreaker after the match.

- Backstage, Test and Knox say together they are unstopable. Dreamer attacks Knox with a trash can, until security breaks it up.

- Backstage, Sabu wants a title shot, but Heyman says he won't make the match. Heyman tells Sabu to take the night off. Heyman argues with Little Guido, and then has his security beat him up. He tells Guido his match is next, and security drags him to the ring.

- Another CM Punk promo. He debuts is next week.

(2) The Vampire (Fertig with Ariel, the tarot reader) vs. Little Guido. Ariel has fangs now, oh my. Guido is basically lifeless after the security beat down. Who is the bald headed referee? Fertig wins the razor's edge.

- Kane highlight package aired.
- They show the "The Reject" Shannon Moore. Oh Boy.

(3) Balls Mahoney vs. Justin Credible. Balls had the pin, but Credible put his leg on the ropes. ref bump. Credible brought in a chair, but Balls used the chair and got DQ-ed. Balls hit referee Mike Posey with the chair.

- The Big Show talks to Heyman backstage. Show wonders why Heyman won't let him fight Sabu. Heyman has his reasons.

(4) ECW World title match, extreme rules. The Big Show vs. Kane. This one is extreme, with a chair and trash can in use. Chokeslam by Show, but Kane kicked out. Show went outside the ring to get a table. Kane hit Show over the head with chair, landing Big Show through two tables on the arena floor. Heyman came in to coach The Big Show. Kane had Show beat, but Heyman pulled the referee out of the ring. A bloody Show hit a chair on Kane and then a chokeslam on the chair to win the match and retain the belt. Sabu came in and drop kicked a chair into the ECW champion.

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