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They started it talking about how Edge got into wrestling noting it was by writing a “Why I want to be a wrestling essay” . He then asked what it feels like to king of the world and Edge said it’s fun since it’s been a childhood dream of his.

They then ask what the most exciting part of his reign was, and Edge said winning it since no matter what industry you’re in, you want to be the top guy. They mentioned how he was voted to be WWE champion in high school and asked when he first wanted to be a wrestler. He talked about seeing Hulk Hogan at age 8.

They talked about Edge doing the spear and talk about soccer player Zidane being motivated by it and head butting his Italian counterpart in the World Cup Final but if Edge were to spear him, he would cut him in half.

They then talk about the horse jockey headbutting his horse and Edge says the horse would beat the jockey. They talked about other athletes getting in the ring, including Chicago White Sox catcher A.J. Pierzynski, even though that was for TNA. Edge says Chicago Bears Linebacker Brian Urlacher and a hockey player would be good wrestlers.

They then did a speed round, asking the lead guitarist for U2 (Edge) the running back for the Arizona Cardinals (Edgerrin “Edge” James) and if he bought a seat for a WWE event he would’t sit on the black of his seat (Edge). Edge spun the title one final time and the host hypes SummerSlam PPV and that was the end of it.

Good quick interview to get exposure as Edge was himself not in character. He also left the building after the interview as they mentioned there goes the bling leaving the building.

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