Credit: Newsletter

The reason behind Randy Orton being pulled from his originally planned long-term ECW feud with Kurt Angle is that Triple H wanted a top heel to work with on RAW now that he is babyface with Degeneration X.

Apparently the original idea was for HHH to work with Edge, with Edge being the heel. HHH reportedly nixed the idea, claiming it wasn’t the right time for a program with Edge yet. The decision was said to be something Edge was furious with, but probably not anymore now that plans have him winning the WWE title from RVD and running a program over the belt with John Cena throughout the summer.

HHH’s rationale behind the decision was that it wasn’t the right time to work with Edge, but that he is open to do so a bit down the road. Regardless, his motives have been questioned by a few. There are some who agree, with the mindset that HHH needs a heel to beat in his first big babyface singles run, that it’s too soon to use up Edge like that. If that’s the case, that’s completely understandable logic as it wouldn’t hurt for the company to spend a little more time establishing Edge as the top heel act in the company on the RAW side.