End Of Extreme Rules In ECW?, RVD/Angle, Tazz, & More Notes

In a possible sign of things to come, the advertised card for the August 14th ECW show in Salisbury, Maryland has only one match, Sabu vs. Test, listed as an Extreme Rules match. In the original ECW, all matches were under Extreme Rules.


The August 14th ECW show also is advertising Rob Van Dam vs. Kurt Angle for the ECW Title, Big Show vs. Tommy Dreamer, Balls Mahoney vs. Mike Knox, Sandman vs. CW Anderson, Al Snow vs. Fertig, FBI vs. Justin Credible & Stevie Richards, and an "Extreme Vixen Body Contest" between Francine and Kelly.

Tazz has a new audio commentary up on ECW.com asking the old ECW fans to try and give the new ECW a chance to develop into something.