Huge Update On MTV's Wrestling Society X Project

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Over the weekend it was reported that MYV had picked up Wrestling Society X. Wrestlers were contacted by MTV's legal department and were informed about the decision and asked to keep the information confidential, pending an official press release on the series. Wrestlers were then informed that their contracts were being enforced, meaning that they were now locked in for the project.

The talent that is still under contract, that also appeared on the debut episode is Sean Waltman, Vampiro, Jack Evans, Matt Sydal, Teddy Hart, Alter Boy Luke, Lone Star, and Kaos.

It looks like MTV wants to run 4-seasons with the show, with them shooting 15 seperate 30-minute shows, which would be taped over a 2-week span in Los Angeles. The wrestlers will be paid for the tapings as well as receive a booking and appearance fee for live events.

Vampiro will be one of the top stars of the promotion and also will have a hand in booking. He is in a great position financially as MTV will likely use his band (Drouch Fhoula) as part of the WSX project as well.

The show will have a very gritty feel to the production. The ring was designed to appear makeshift, ugly, dirty and weathered. They had no ring mats surrounding the ring, as well as no aprons around it, leaving the underside of the ring exposed. Even the turnbuckles were designed to look like dirty rags that were taped in place.

Big Vision Entertainment is producing the project, and they had been involved in the DVD distribution of the Hardcore Homecoming shows. Vampiro, Big Vision's Kevin Klinerock, and Dave Marquez will be the creative forces of the promotion, while former XPW announcer Kris Kloss will commentate.

The first show will most likely be the pilot that was already filmed, which featured these matches: Jack Evans vs. Matt Sydal & a Black Label Society performance. There was also an over the Top Rope Elimination/Ladder Match with 2 WSX contracts suspended above the ring featuring Vampiro, Six Pac (Sean Waltman), Teddy Hart, New Jack, Lone Star, Kaos, Puma, Al Katrazz, Justin Credible, and Chris Hamrick.