Jakks who are the markers of WWE toys, posted a 45% drop in second-quarter profit and reduced its full-year sales. Earnings forecasts leading to a double digit drop in their stock price.

Christopher Read sent this one: I thought I’d shed a little insight as to how bad this deal with the Score channel is for us Canuck Raw fans. It’s bad enough that it will be delayed an hour, but I am not sure you have seen the Scores presentation of all of their programming. The Score delivers a ticker at the bottom of the screen that is on through 100% of their programming, INCLUDING commercials. The most major drawback to that fact is that said ticker takes up close to 20% of the screen. I wouldn’t be this adamant about it, but another problem lies in the fact that they don’t chop off the bottom 20% of the picture, they compress the image, so all the wrestlers look fat and stubby. Way to go, WWE. No spin, no agenda, just some facts… Ratings in Canada will drop. I guarantee it.

A lot of talk has been going on inside WWE regarding the poor Saturday Night s Main Event rating. The show saw the return of Hulk Hogan and Batista’s first match back from injury and WWE expected to draw a better rating than March s 3.2, but instead the rating dropped. Many people in WWE have started to realize that there is a lot of wrestling on TV now for SNME to score the ratings it did 15 years back.

However it has been said that WWE and Sci Fi are very pleased with this week s ECW rating as the show aired an hour later. The ECW show started at a 2.2, and then dropped to a 2.1. The 10:30 and 10:45 quarters, which was the Undertaker vs. Big Show match, both drew a 2.0. The show was close to scoring a 2.1, which it did for the hour, except the 2.3 overrun brought it up a tenth of a point. The program that was airing at the ECW timeslot before ECW started airing on Sci Fi was scoring 1.0 ratings, so Sci Fi are extremely pleased with the ECW progress.

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