Jericho Not Returning To Wrestling, Hogan, Stacy Update, & More

The Canadian Press today has a story about Chris Jericho making the jump into the acting world. He said he had no plans to return to wrestling right now and added, "I never use the word retirement because everybody always retires and then comes back, so I never want to actually say that. If everything comes to a screeching halt and I'm out on the street wiping your windows down when you stop at a red light, then maybe I'll start thinking about going back to wrestling."

Hulk Hogan is going into selling George Foreman-like grills according to

Nikolai Volkoff is running for Congress in Maryland.

DS from PWInsider sent this: I just attended a party in Miami at the Shore Club on the 15th for the launch of a new swimwear line called Skinny Dip Swimwear. Stacy Keibler hosted the event and was looking pretty damn good. Much better than her last run on WWE.