Jim Cornette Off TNA TV Already, Kid Romeo-TNA, More News

Plans are in the works to secure the Detroit area as the host city for the 10/22 Bound for Glory PPV. The TNA house show back in March promoted by ICP drew a strong house.

Jim Cornette isn't expected back to TNA until 7/31, thus he'll miss Victory Road on 7/16 due to a ROH commitment. Cornette will also miss the August PPV as he previously committed to a wrestling convention in Washington, DC that weekend. If needed for recorded segments, Cornette is willing to drive to Nashville to do so.


TNAWrestlingNews.com is reporting that former WCW wrestler Kid Romeo is trying to get work in TNA. He has a full time job working as an exterminator and he is pitching for that to be his gimmick.

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