Kelly Displeased, Sabu Not Suspended, Backstage News

Sabu has not been suspended, only fined, and will appear at all scheduled ECW house shows. Rob was punished more as he was the one in possession of the marijuana and was also driving the speeding car. Sabu was only carrying a pipe to smoke the marijuana from.

Kelly is getting a lot of television time because Vince McMahon likes her and thinks she does a great job. Also, Kelly has been very vocal about not wanting to return to Ohio Valley Wrestling. She's appeared on the last few OVW television shows. Apparently, the OVW fans annoy her when they ask her what it's like to be on the main roster now. Also, Kelly isn't particularly fond of the amount of attention she gets down in the area.

Last night's match between Test and Al Snow was supposed to be a competitive back and forth matchup, however, it was shortened because WWE officials wanted some more time for the main event.

Rob Van Dam will miss the 7/24 show in his home city of Battle Creek, MI due to his current 30 day suspension. That show was going to be built around him.