Kelly Kelly, Rey Mysterio, Shane McMahon, More


WWE was number 1 on the Yahoo buzz index yesterday.

WWE Champion Rey Mysterio will be on Heartland with John Kaisch on Fox News Network this Saturday. He will be speaking on his involvement in encouraging kids and teens to read as a spokesperson for Teen Read Week.

Rob Conway and Eugene will be featured in the main event for a benefit show for the Providence High School wrestling team at Providence High in Clarksville, IN.

Shane McMahon privately noted that the announcement of ECW in Canada should be made within the next couple of days. CanWest, who owns a few different stations, will be the broadcast partner. We do not know what station it will be on yet. The word is that it is a major station in a very late night time slot.

Kelly Kelly s reaction has been getting better in ECW and it seems like she has been taking dancing lessons.