Credit: Newsletter

–Lance Storm was originally scheduled to work the One Night Stand pay-per view, doing another Impact Players reunion with Justin Credible. However, those plans were nixed when the idea for the ECW brand to return full-time came into play, as they went out of there way not to showcase anyone on the pay-per view who isn’t committed to being on the roster full-time. At this point in his life, Lance Storm has made it clear he’s only going to wrestle when he feels the urge to do so, and certainly has no interest in returning to the road four days a week.

–A new trailer for ‘The Homegrown Collection’ featuring the hit song, No Ordinary Love, has been added to the Hollymood Entertainment website. The website currently also has a combo package DVD sale which includes ‘Fightland’ and ‘The Homegrown Collection’ sold together for the price of only $29.99 at

–Tommy Dreamer is officially off the ECW creative team, but remains a talent relations guy and on-air performer for the brand.

Originally, there was talk that he would just work the One Night Stand pay-per view and return to his regular office job, but the feeling was he was needed for authenticity at least in the early stages of the brand’s return.