Live News & Notes From TNA Victory Road PPV

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Inside Soundstage 21 of Universal Studios Orlando, TNA Held their Victory Road PPV on July 16, 2006. Next to the English announce table sat the barber chair for the loser gets a haircut match. The pre-show was hosted by Jeremy Borash and TNA Knockout Christy Hemme. Moody Jack Melendez did the Spanish commentary alone as Konnan was with the LAX. On the table occupied by Mike Tenay and Don West there was a red Batman like phone, possibly for Jim Cornette to call in orders. Somewhere in the event they might have played a commercial telling the home fans Bound For Glory would be held in Detroit. There was a pre-show match:

Hotshot Johnny Devine (w/Alex Shelley and the Paparazzi cam) defeated Shark Boy after hitting the Moneymaker.

Rhino spoke to Jeremy Borash about Monty Brown and Jim Cornette making the match to satisfy his extreme urges. During the pre-show they played the Road to Victory vignettes so many times we could have recited them from memory.

The PPV began with a cold opening produced by Kevin Sullivan and David Sahadi.

(1) The Naturals (Chase Stevens and Andy Douglas w/ the Franchise Shane Douglas) defeated The Diamonds in the Rough ( Primetime Elix Skipper and David Young w/Simon Diamond).

Douglas gave a rousing speech how he franchised the Naturals, two inches of hair and new tights and then left ringside. The Naturals had control until Stevens went to the floor with Skipper and Young hit him with a springboard moonsault. The Diamonds took over on Stevens, following Diamond s game plan. However I think the game plan included one of them getting the win over Stevens. Douglas tagged in and it was open season until Douglas got two with a double underhook into a slam. The win came as Stevens picked up Skipper for a power bomb and Douglas came off the top rope, sending Skipper to the mat. Despite the win Douglas came out and berated the Naturals. Guess call it tough love.

After Tenay and West spoke to the home audience, Jeremy Borash spoke to Captain Charisma Christian Cage about the main event. I think Cage lost the live crowd with some of his references. Rhino and his extreme challenge video played.

(2) Alpha Male Monty Brown and Vince McMahon s favorite wrestler the War Machine Rhino fought to a no contest.

The match began on the rampway, came back to the ring and then went to the barricades where both men used it as a weapon. Once back in the ring Brown grabbed Rhino s hair and smashed his head on the mat. However his POUNCE missed Rhino and leveled Andrew Thomas. Rhino sent Brown to the floor and followed out with a tope. They came back to the ring where Brown hit a double underhook suplex but Rhino hit a belly to belly suplex. Thomas stood in the corner but he fell to the mat after Brown moved and the GORE decked the referee. Brown and Rhino went to the floor again and threw punches and other violent moves. Brown and Rhino decided to commune with the fans, so they brawled into them with TNA security in hot pursuit. Referee Rudy Charles called for the bell, throwing the match out.

The Latin American Exchange spoke to Borash about their match and their desire to become NWA World Tag Team champions. It was followed by a propaganda like commercial forwarding the LAX agenda.

(3) Latin American Exchange (Hotstuff Hernandez and Notorious 187 Homicide w/Konnan) defeated Ron the Truth Killings and Sonjay Dutt.

The LAX were introduced in Spanish by Melendez as the LAX entered from an entryway near the Spanish table. The match began with everyone hitting someone with a tope or cross bodyblock to the floor. It looked like Killings landed on his head but somehow got back in the ring. Homicide and Killings traded several two counts before Dutt tagged in. killings and Dutt controlled the match until Homicide hit Dutt with a Hot Shot. Hernandez nearly sent Dutt to the floor from mid ring with a choke throw move. The LAX were in control hitting Dutt with suplexes and other power moves like a shoulder breaker for Dutt so severe that Killings had to save his partner. Konnan even got in on the beating when the LAX tossed Dutt to the floor. Dutt survived and tagged in a well rested Killings who unleashed his arsenal on the LAX. But Homicide hit Killings with an Acecrusher for two. Both men fought on the top rope but it was Killings who hit Homicide with a sitout facebuster for two. Dutt and Hernandez tagged in and Dutt had a pin several times but Konnan hit him with the sock puppet as Dutt went up top and Hernandez hit Dutt with a Power bomb that sent Dutt across the ring before he landed.

Jeremy Borash spoke to Scott Steiner about the main event and Steiner ripped his opponents down to their underwear.

The former Team Canada members came out the heel entryway wearing street clothes. D amore took the mic and said it was the last night Team Canada would be together in the ring. D amore blamed Jim Cornette, the Kentucky Fried Idiot for the dissolution of the group. D amore proceeded to kiss the butt of each member of the group, until he got to Showtime Eric Young. When everyone else left they hugged everyone but Young got high fived or ignored completely. Needless to the crowd was solidly behind Young as D amore threw him under the proverbial bus. D amore demanded Young remove the Team Canada jacket and sweatpants he was wearing. D amore left Young in the ring a broken man despite the fans cheering for Young. Young asked the fans if they wanted him to be fired, the crowd said NO! Young seemed to morph into Eugene for a moment and bonded with the fans.

Jeremy Borash spoke to Senshi about his opponent a former X Division champion.

(4) NWA World X Division champion Senshi defeated Frankie the Future Kazarian.

That s right the former World X Division and coolest man in wrestling is back! Early on it was the size of Kazarian vs. the submission and martial art skills of Senshi. Neither man gave an inch until Kazarian hit three moves that ended with a neckbreaker for two. Senshi hit Kazarian in the head with his knees to escape a suplex and then dropped Kazarian on the top rope. Senshi hit a chest chop and a Muta like elbow before locking a body scissor submission hold. Senshi released the hold and chest chopped Kazarian again but Kazarian fired one back only to be hit with a spinning kick to the gut. Kazarian fought back with his usual arsenal of moves until Senshi dropped the double boot stomp on Kazarian s chest. Kazarian fired back with tornado DDT for two. Senshi double boots to the chest in a corner and hit the top rope version to retain the title. I think they call it the Warrior s Way.

Borash spoke to Larry Zbyszko about the haircut match when Slick Mark Johnson came into say he was the referee for the match, impartial as anyone.

(5) In a Hair vs. Hair match, Raven defeated Living Legend Larry Zbyszko.

Zbyszko came to the ring surrounded by TNA security. Both men jockeyed for position as Johnson tried to remain impartial. Zbyszko used a spinning toe hold to wear Raven down but Raven smacked the taste out of the Living Legend s mouth. Zbyszko went for a piledriver but Raven hit the Raven Effect, the bad part was Johnson was on the mat incapacitated. Both men traded package shots and near falls but it was Raven who hit a second Raven Effect to win the match. A professional stylist waited by the barber chair as TNA security carried Zbyszko back to the chair. Instead raven took the clippers and trimmed off the locks of the Living Legend. Even Don West and Slick Johnson cut some hair off Zbyszko s head.

Jeremy Borash spoke to Kevin Nash, Alex Shelley and Johnny Devine about their encounter with Jay Lethal and Chris Sabin. A video recap of how we got to the match played.

(6) Jay Lethal and The future Chris Sabin defeated Kevin Nash and Alex Shelley (w/Johnny Devine and the Paparazzi cam).

Shelley opted to start the match against Sabin and the do put on a mini clinic but Sabin sent Shelley scurrying to his corner and tagging in Nash. Sabin decided to give Lethal some action against Nash but Nash used his size to hit a armdrag which stunned the live crowd. Nash caught Lethal and was ready for a slam but Sabin hit a missile dropkick sending Nash to the mat. Team Paparazzi took some time on the floor to re-evaluate the situation. Lethal went to hit a top rope move but Devine sent him crotch first on the top corner. That move allowed Team Paparazzi to take over on the younger Lethal for what seemed like forever but they couldn t pin him. After some miscommunication in his favor, Lethal tagged in Sabin who used Nash as a springboard to hit Shelley with a Tree of Woe dropkick to the face. Shelley fought back with some help from Devine. Sabin and Shelley fought with each other to hit their finishers but Sabin scored the pin when he rolled up Shelley. After the match Nash went to hit Sabin with a power bomb when Jerry Lynn ran out with a chair in hand. Nash hit the power bomb and left after TNA security stepped in the way.

Jeremy Borash spoke to Team 3D about their upcoming match and they were followed by the video package reminding fans how we got to the match.

(7) In a NO DQ grudge match, the James Gang (Kip and BG James) and Abyss (w/Father James Mitchell) defeated Team 3D (Brothers Ray, Devon and Runt).

Last week on TV the James Gang said they made a deal with devil by teaming with Abyss tonight. BG tried his hand with Devon but came up short, so he tagged in Abyss. The crowd asked for it so Devon tagged in Runt. After hitting Runt with a press slam to the mat, Ray tagged in and stood right in Abyss face. Ray held his own but when he went to mock the James Gang, Abyss chokeslammed Ray. Runt got preesslammed and sent out to the fans who surfed him around ad the James Gang went for some weapons. When they got brief control of the match, Team 3D toasted with some beers and went back to fighting around ringside and eventually to the ring. Ray got a staple gun and stapled an ECW Fears TNA sign to Abyss mask. Team 3D went hit Abyss with the Wassup Nutshot and went for the tables. Instead the James Gang attacked and got their own wood. The Gang went to hit Runt with the 3D but they ended up being hit with Flapjacks and Abyss was hit with two garbage can shots to the head. Instead of being pinned, Abyss recovered and hit Runt with a Black Hole Slam into the table to win the match for his team as the Gang and 3D fought on the floor.

Borash spoke to America s Most Wanted ( Tennessee Cowboy James Storm and Wildcat Chris Harris) and Gail Kim about their match.

(8) NWA World Tag Team champions Phenomenal AJ Styles and Fallen Angel Christopher Daniels and the nameless woman now being called Sirelda defeated America s Most Wanted ( Tennessee Cowboy James Storm and Wildcat Chris Harris) and Gail Kim.

AMW had their hands full as the champions were in total control even when Sirelda and Kim were in against each other for mere seconds. Even Storm didn t want to be in the ring with Sirelda, something about scared by her looks. Things got naughty for a brief moment but settled down when Kim and then Harris hit Styles in his package. Kim and AMW made several tags wearing down Styles but not to the point the belts changed hands. Styles held on and was able to tag out to Daniels who took on AMW by himself. Daniels went to hit Storm with the Angels Wings but Kim raked his eyes. Things got crazy as all six people were in the ring together. AMW set Daniels for the Death Sentence but Styles cut off Harris, so Kim hit it instead allowing a near fall. Harris went to hit Daniels with the handcuffs but got hit with the Angels Wings for two. Sirelda hit Kim with a chokeslam but Storm hit her with a superkick. Storm hit Styles with a spinning slam of sorts. Storm went to use the beer bottle but Harris wouldn t allow it and nearly cost them match. Instead it was a total effort in the closing seconds that lost the match as AMW went to hit Styles with a chair they were hit instead. Styles rolled up Harris to retain the belts.

As announced on Impact, NWA World Heavyweight champion Jeff Jarrett takes on the winner of the next match listed below at the August 13 Hard Justice PPV. Before it a recap of the recent events surrounding the title was played. Jeremy Borash spoke to Samoa Joe about the match.

(9) Sting defeated Samoa Joe, Big Poppa Pump Scott Steiner and Captain Charisma Christian Cage.

According to the ring announcer, the first pin or submission gets the victory. Sting and Joe paired off as Steiner and Cage brawled on the floor. Sting locked in the Scorpion Deathlock but Steiner cut that off. Cage sent Steiner back to the floor with a clothesline and turned around right to face off with Joe as Sting and Steiner brawled towards the heel entryway. Joe hit Cage with the Ole kick as Sting and Steiner hit each other with anything not nailed down. As Joe and Cage brawled to the floor, Sting and Steiner came back to the ring when a cameraman slid in and squirted something in Sting s eyes. The man removed his scarf around his mouth to reveal himself as JEFF JARRETT! Sting was taken to the back to have his eyes cleared. Steiner, Cage and Joe fought on without Sting and each had brief control of the match. Cage escaped the Muscle Buster while Joe escaped the Unprettier. Cage hit Joe with the Facewash and went for the Ole kick but Steiner tripped him and ragged him to the floor. Joe followed out with a tope. Joe went under the ring and removed a table which he set up. Joe went to suplex Steiner from the ring apron to the table but it was cut off. Instead Steiner dropped an elbow on Joe as he lay on the table. Cage took full advantage and dragged Steiner in the ring but he was hit with a powerslam for two. Steiner and Cage fought on the top turnbuckle and ended up falling down on their own as Joe came back to the ring. Cage missed a frogsplash onto Joe. Joe got to his feet and fought with Cage as Steiner snuck up and rolled up Cage for two. Steiner locked Cage in the Steiner Recliner but Joe came in and locked Steiner in the Kokina Clutch. Sting came out with one of his eyes bandaged and rejoined the match. Steiner dumped Joe and Cage to the floor but when he turned around, Sting hit the Scorpion Death Drop to win and face Jarrett on August 13th. After the match Cage confronted Sting but when it looked like a fight, Cage shook Sting s hand and left the ring.

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