Major WWE Announcement Next Week, Best Sellers & More


The following are best selling pro wrestling DVDs and Book s based on charts as of this morning, overall ranking in parenthesis. *indicates product is not yet released, based on advanced orders:

1. ECW One Night Stand (455)
2. Wrestlemania 22 (1,580)
3. Pride Critical Countdown 2005 (2,465)
4. Pride Bushido Volume 4 (2,739)
5. WWE Vengeance DX vs Spirit Squad (3,058)*
6. ECW's Most Violent Matches (3,444)
7. Ultimate Fighter Season One (4,308)
8. WWE: Wrestling's Greatest Managers (4,691)
9. WWE Judgment Day 2006 Mysterio vs. JBL (4,737)
10. The Dusty Rhodes Story (4,780)

1. Death of WCW by Bryan Alvarez and R.D. Reynolds (8,785)
2. World Wrestling Insanity by James Guttman (14,911)
3. Foley is Good by Mick Foley (18,118)
4. Heartbreak and Triumph by Shawn Michaels (22,516)
5. Have a Nice Day by Mick Foley (25,356)
6. Brawl by Erich Krauss (33,874)
7. More than Just Hardcore by Terry Funk (37,478)
8. Hardcore History: The Extremely Unauthorized Story of ECW by Scott Williams (48,536)
9. Rise and Fall of ECW by Thom Loverro (49,364)
10. To Be The Man by Ric Flair (62,168)
11. Beyond the Lions Den by Ken Shamrock (62,355)
12. Cheating Death, Stealing Life by Eddie Guerrero (65,352)
13. Wrestlecrap: The Very Worst of Pro Wrestling by R.D. Reynolds (71,848)
14. The Rock Says by The Rock (76,087)
15. Tangles Ropes by Superstar Billy Graham (76,288)

Next Wednesday WWE will be having a major media announcement in Toronto at 1 p.m. with The Score Network. Torrie Wilson, Ric Flair, Trish Stratus, Edge, Shane McMahon, Carl DeMarco (head of WWE Canada), David Errington (SVP at The Score) and Sid Seixeiro, an anchor at The Score are scheduled to appear. We are unknown what the announcement is about however the cast there doesn't lead one in that direction.