More On Sandman Being Pulled Over, Sabu/WWE, More

There were said to be many wrestlers from TNA and other promotions that are close friends with Sabu keeping a watchful eye on the situation where he was busted along with Rob Van Dam this past Sunday. The general feeling among many close to Sabu was that he might have blown his huge opportunity with WWE by getting busted. It should be noted that Sabu made it known to many in WWE management that he was very embarrassed about the entire situation and apologized numerous times for his actions.

As noted by Steve Carrier, The Sandman and two ECW referees were also pulled over on the same highway that Rob Van Dam and Sabu were busted on Sunday night. Sandman was only issued a warning. They had speed traps set up all night on that stretch of highway.

Speaking of ECW referees, WWE has signed Marty Rubalcaba to a deal and he is scheduled to debut as a referee at upcoming ECW House Show events this weekend.