WWE.com has announced a Pick Your Partner Triple Threat Tag Team match for RAW this Monday. Rob Van Dam, Edge, and John Cena will each select a partner and the teams will face in a triple threat tag team match. I’d like to see RVD pick Sabu.

The Highlanders are also scheduled to debut Monday on RAW.

WWE’s “See No Evil” fell to #33 at the box office this weekend, earning $26,000 to raise its total gross to roughly $15 million.

Thanks to Mike K. for the following: There is an interview with Chavo Guerrero, Sr. on The Scripps Howard News Service where he talks about Eddie Guerrero and about the storylines featuring him earlier this year.

Thanks to Chas Portch for the following: There is an interview with Randy Orton in the Sportzine section of the Sky Sports website currently up. Orton talks a lot about a future match with Hulk Hogan that may be down the line.