Next Week On RAW: SNME Fallout


Saturday Night's Main Event fallout
July 17, 2006

Last week on RAW, John Cena showed WWE Champion Edge that he s coming for blood at Saturday Night s Main Event. Will Cena repeat what he did at the Royal Rumble when he beat Edge for the WWE gold, or has the Rated R Superstar learned his lesson on how to successfully defend his Championship against Cena? Which Superstar will be wearing the WWE Championship on RAW?

Moving from Champions to the Chairman can Mr. McMahon finally get one over on D-Generation X? The last few weeks on RAW, the Chairman has been the butt DX s pranks, and last week, after inviting Triple H and HBK to the Tyson Events Center, trying to lure them into a trap that would allow all five members of the Spirit Squad along with his son Shane to get the jump on them, he was again played like a fool. Will Mr. McMahon be able to devise a plan to get retribution on his two rivals? Will the Spirit Squad use the numbers to their advantage to overcome DX at Saturday Night s Main Event in the Elimination Match?

Now that the 2006 $250,000 Diva Search Contest has officially gotten underway, which one of the eight finalists will be voted out of the competition? Who made the cut, and who will be sent packing? The first contestant to depart the Diva Search will be announced live on RAW.

Plus, Lilian had to be taken out by a stretcher out of the arena on RAW after the 485-pound Viscera. Will Lilian be able to recover and continue her post as RAW s ring announcer, or will the injuries she suffered leave her on the sidelines? Do Viscera and Charlie Haas have an explanation for their lack of concern for the woman they ve been fighting over?

There will be plenty to sort out after Saturday Night s Main Event, and Monday Night RAW, live from the AT&T Center in San Antonia, Texas, at 9/8 CT on USA, is where to find all the answers.