Circuit City will be selling the The ECW One Night Stand 2006 DVD for only $14.99.

The segment on Raw where Triple H and Candice Michelle supposedly received oral sex from under the table was edited out of the UK broadcast.

TNA ring girl and unofficial Knockout So Cal Val recently stated on her Myspace blog that she has been offered to pose for Playboy. She noted: Quite possibly the biggest thing that happened to me this past week is to do with a bunny. Yes, THAT bunny. I was contacted about posing for Playboy Magazine. Which is, admittedly a huge compliment, but came as a big shock. I’ve been asked by nearly every interviewer I’ve ever spoken to about what I would do if I was ever given an offer from Playboy and I usually lean toward a “Never say never” answer. Which is not a no, but not a yes. It’s a very serious thing to consider and the jury is still out on how I am going to handle this one. I’ve spoken to the people in my life whose opinions I value most, and each has been very supportive. For that I am grateful….but this is one I’m going to have to decide all on my own.