RAW News, More On MTV/WSX Project, SmackDown!, & More News

Clinton Boyland sent this in: This was included in an email for ticket presale for WWE Raw in Memphis, TN on August 7: "Join the superstars of WWE RAW Live! for an exciting night of wrestling at FedExForum on Monday, August 7 at 7 p.m. The main event match will feature a six man tag special in which HHH and Shawn Michaels reunite to form DX and team up with John Cena to face the Spirit Squad."

John Sheth sent word that WWE SmackDown in Cincinnati will no longer be shown on Friday night. The show will now be shown on Sunday night from 2-4am, but those with basic cable won't see the show due to paid commercial access. So, if you have the ability to turn your cable off and use rabbit ears you can see SmackDown.

The following statement was issued by Big Vision Entertainment CEO Houston Curtis on Monday after reports by PWInsider.com stated that MTV would be picking up the "Wrestling Society X" project, a report the website still stands by. Here is the full statement from Curtis: To: All of our friends in the Pro Wrestling community. Friends, Over the past 48 hours we have seen numerous reports stating the WSX pilot has been picked up for series on MTV. None of these reports have been substantiated by MTV or Big Vision. Until MTV makes an official press release, all reports should be considered nothing more than speculation. Many of you have called and/or emailed us regarding the status of the series. While we appreciate your enthusiasm toward the project, we can not respond to any questions regarding WSX at this time. Sincerely, Houston Curtis, CEO – Big Vision Entertainment