Rock - Spyhunter update and correction on Randy Orton

Some readers were asking about the Randy Orton article that was posted here and other places around the internet. The article cited the Wrestling Observer Newsletter as their source. The article was removed as soon as I saw it this morning, since I receive the Wrestling Observer Newsletter and never saw such an item. We would like to apologize to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter and Randy Orton. The reporter has been removed from posting at this site.

Reports continue that the Spyhunter film that has been in the works for years now starring The Rock has been shelved. The Rock did some work for the Spyhunter video game and they will be using his likeness for the video game, however no progress has been made with the film. The film is still stuck in the scripting stages, and wouldn't even start production until next year if it were to come thorough.

John Woo was origininally scheduled to direct Spyhunter, but he's been off the project for a year now. The producers of the film hope to make an announcemnt about it in the next couple of weeks.