RVD/Sabu Court Date Issues, Paris Hilton Naked?, HHH/Candice Update

No word yet on the new court date for Rob Van Dam and Sabu for Sunday's drug bust in Ohio. I do know both wrestlers have retained attorneys, but the court house has not released a new court date to the media. Apparently, a large amount of people have been calling and wanting to attend the hearing, and they are concerned about security.

A story from contactmusic.com. Heiress PARIS HILTON has turned down an approach from America's NAKED WOMEN'S WRESTLING LEAGUE, because she wants to clean up her image. The celebrity socialite has told league boss HOWARD MANN she isn't interested in stripping semi-naked and grappling with other girls on the televised show, which is hosted by CARMEN ELECTRA. He tells the New York Daily News, "Apparently, Paris is cleaning up her image. I personally believe it's a little too late for that, but she's trying."

From Adam Fox: Correction. On one of your WWE News & Notes pages it says the segment where HHH and Candice supposedly received oral sex was edited out of the UK broadcast this is not true I live in the UK and saw it as it was live.