**SPOILERS** TNA iMPACT! Tapings (2 Weeks)

Here are the results for the Impact and Xplosion Tapings for the Impact episodes on July 6, 2006 and July 13, 2006 as well as the next two weeks of Xplosion from Soundstage 21 at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida.

For the episode to air on July 6, 2006:

Jeremy Borash was at Sting s door in the back and Christian Cage arrives and he talks about how he will be Sting s partner tonight, but at Victory Road, things will be different.

Match Number One: Sonjay Dutt defeats Homicide (with Konnan and Hernandez) by disqualification after Konnan distracts the referee and Hernandez helps Homicide get the apparent pinfall. Referee Slick Johnson came out and told the referee what happened and the decision was reversed to Sonjay Dutt. Ron Killings comes out to help Sonjay Dutt. Homicide was introduced by Moody Jack at the Spanish announce table and they entered at the Spanish Announce Table instead of either chute.

Larry Zbyszko and Slick Johnson argue in front of the announce table.

Eric Young comes out to the announce table and he talks to Don West and Mike Tenay but they could not be heard by the people in the Impact Zone. It appeared that he was trying to do everything to keep from being fired. Slick Johnson comes out and he has Eric help hand out photos of Larry Zbyszko bald. Team Canada comes out and they take Eric Young to the back.

Match Number Two: Monty Brown defeats Kenny King. After the match, Monty cut a promo about the four participants in the Road to Victory match and Jeff Jarrett and says that they will all fall to the pounce.

Jeff Jarrett and Scott Steiner were interviewed by Jeremy Borash. Jarrett talks about how Sting said the worst thing that could happen would be to have him with the title, but it still happened. Steiner says that he will take care of Christian and Sting tonight.

Kevin Nash comes out with Alex Shelley and Johnny Devine and they bring a body bag in a shopping cart. Nash says that they have captured Osama Bin Laden and they open the body bag and it is Chris Sabin. Shelley and Devine fight Sabin and Jay Lethal comes out to make the save.

Samoa Joe is interviewed in the back by Jeremy Borash and Joe talks about the Road to Victory match. He addresses all of the people in the match and he tells Steiner that he has not forgotten and that he will not only beat Steiner but he will hurt him and make Steiner s children cry.

Match Number Three: Sting and Christian Cage defeat Scott Steiner and Jeff Jarrett when Sting pins Jeff Jarrett after a Scorpion Death Drop and a frog splash. After the match, Steiner attacks Christian Cage and Sting with the title belt. Samoa Joe comes out and he fights with Steiner and they fight to the back. Sting and Jarrett also fight outside the ring and to the back. Christian is left standing in the ring holding the NWA World Heavyweight Title belt as the first episode of Impact ends.

I do not know if this is going to air on either week, but it seemed like before the second episode of Impact starts, Rhino comes out with a red sack. He talked about decisions that he had to make. He mentions the offer that was made to him by Vince McMahon to go to ECW but he told Vince McMahon no. He wondered how there could be an ECW when the final ECW Television and World Champion was not there. Rhino mentions that he has the ECW Title belt with him but because of Vince s lawyers he cannot bring it out. He challenges Vince to come to the Impact Zone to take the belt back but he does not think Vince will come to get it.

Episode to air on July 13, 2006:

Match Number One: Abyss (with James Mitchell) defeats Norman Smiley with the Black Hole Slam. After the match, the James Gang comes out and they want to know if Abyss will officially become their partner for the match against Team 3D. BG James talks about making a deal with the devil.

Match Number Two: Senshi defeats Jerrelle Clark with the double stomp.

Match Number Three: A.J. Styles and Christopher Daniels defeats Alex Shelley and Johnny Devine in a non-title match after Styles hit the Styles Clash on Devine. The Neutralizer comes out to stop Shelley from using the camera. After the match, America s Most Wanted and Gail Kim come out and attack Styles, Daniels, and the Neutralizer. Security separates the women while Styles and Daniels are attacked by America s Most Wanted, Shelley, and Devine.

Jeremy Borash is in the locker room with Team Canada as they prepare for their All or Nothing eight man tag match. If they lose, they will be forced to officially break up with no third chance. The person getting the pin will get a future title match. Scott D Amore is confident of victory and tells Eric Young to get his head in the game.

Match Number Four: Team 3D, Rhino, and Jay Lethal defeat Team Canada in the All or Nothing match when Jay Lethal pinned A1. D Amore s attempt to interfere is stopped by Brother Runt. Lethal earns a future title match and Team Canada is forced to officially break up as a team.

Matches filmed for Xplosion:

Match Number One: Homicide (with Konnan and Hernandez) defeats Shark Boy.

Match Number Two: Chris Sabin and Sonjay Dutt defeat the Diamonds in the Rough (with Simon Diamond) when Sabin pinned Skipper.

The announced matches for the pay per view are as follows:

Samoa Joe versus Scott Steiner versus Christian Cage versus Sting in the Road to Victory Match with the winner facing Jeff Jarrett

America s Most Wanted and Gail Kim versus A.J. Styles, Christopher Daniels, and the Neutralizer for the NWA World Tag Team Titles

James Gang and Abyss versus Team 3D (Brothers Ray, Devon, and Runt)

Raven versus Larry Zbyszko in a Hair Match (not on the TNA website but it was announced last week on Impact)

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