**SPOILERS** WWE SmackDown Taping Results

Credit: Joe Gregg & PWInsider.com

WWE Dark Match:

– Ryan Wilson (aka Trytan in TNA) defeated Funaki.

– Jamie Noble defeated a masked wrestler.
(It was former WCW and WWE star Billy Kidman under the mask.)


WWE SmackDown!:

– Ken Kennedy defeated Batista via countout.

– Vito defeated Simon Dean via submission.

– Sylvan over Tatanka with a spinning diamond cutter.

– Michelle McCool (with Kristal) defeated Jillian Hall (with Ashley) when Michelle uses the ropes during her pin.

– They did a Chavo Guerrero interview "from Stamford."

– WWE World champion King Booker Commencement. Balloons fall from the ceiling. It doesn't go five minutes before Rey Mysterio interferes. Rey does the sitting slam on booker and the chair falls over. The referees run in.

– Sylvester Turkey defeated Matt Hardy.

– WWE United States champion Finlay defeated William Regal when The Little Bastard interferes and low blows regal with the schileleigh whiled the referee is fixing the turnbuckle.


– WWE World champion King Booker defeated Rey Mysterio to retain when Chavo does a run-in.