**SPOILERS** WWE SmackDown! Taping Results

**SPOILERS** WWE SmackDown! Taping Results

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Dark Match:

- Hardcore Holly pinned Simon Dean with the Alabama Slam.

Smackdown Spoilers:

*The open the show announcing WWE World champ King Booker vs. Undertaker and Batista vs. Ken Kennedy for later on.

*William Regal beat WWE United States champ Finlay by DQ when Finlay got the shillelagh from Regal and nailed him. Lashley hit the ring and Finlay nailed him too. Regal and Finlay teased attacking Lashley but Finlay shoved Regal into Lashley and walked out. Lashley hit the Dominator on Regal.

*Elijah Burke (with Sylvester Turkay) defeated Scott Wright via submission, hitting the Stroke followed by a choke. Turkay beat on Wright after the match and cinched on the finisher he beat Matt Hardy with.

*Kristal Marshall pinned Ashley Massaro after rolling her up and hooking the tights.

*Tatanka pinned Sylvan with a sideslam.

*Batista pinned Ken Kennedy after the Batista Bomb.

*Michael Cole interviewed Batista at ringside congratulating him on his win. Batista said to congratulate him when he wins back his World title.

*Vito defeated The Brooklyn Brawler via submission with the dress over the face hammerlock.

*In his office, Teddy Long was talking to the debuting Montel Vontavious Porter (from Deep South Wrestling) who told him he needed to be signed if Long wanted the "MVP" (his initials) for 2006. Long said he was excited to sign him. Montel told Long to talk to his agent on the cell phone and walked out. Long was shocked at the financial demands mentioned over the phone and said to the agent that they needed to get together soon. The MVP character seemed to be based on Cuba Gooding Jr. in Jerry Maguire.

*KC James and Aaron The Idol Stevens debuted, managed by Michelle McCool, defeating Funaki and Scotty 2 Hotty. Fans began chanting "We want Raw" during the match, which no doubt will be edited off.

*Backstage. Sharmell got King Booker ready for the match with the Undertaker.

*In the building, they aired a music video on the WWE visiting troops overseas.

*Chavo Guerrero came to the ring and said everyone wants to know why he turned on Rey Mysterio. He claimed that Rey stole the Guerrero family name and their blood. Chavo said he grew up with Eddie Guerrero and they were like brothers together. Chavo said that Smackdown Magazine did an article on Latinos in wrestling and it was Rey on the cover in a Lowrider Los Guerreros used to come to the ring in with Eddie instead of Chavo. He said Rey wasn't a Guerrero and stole Chavo's spotlight. Chavo said Rey did everything to tie himself to Eddie to steal the spotlight, whether it was wrestling him or teaming with Eddie. He said when Eddie died, everyone felt horrible and Chavo retired. He said Rey didn't do the same and instead used Eddie's name to help himself. Chavo said that every 5 minutes, Rey was mentioning Eddie's name and dedicating all the matches to him. Chavo said when Rey won the World title, he still couldn't stand on his own. Chavo said Rey had to use another Guerrero, him, to save his title but keep the glory. He claimed Rey used Eddie's name until Chavo couldn't take it anymore at the Great American Bash and attacked him. Chavo claimed that Rey stole the memory of Eddie from the fans and his family and is a leech living off the Guerrero name.

Mysterio hit the ring and they brawled in the ring and around ringside. He slammed Chavo into the ring steps. Eddie Guerrero's wife Vickie hopped the railing to separate them. The crowd chanted Eddie's name. Chavo backed up the aisle and went backstage Vickie walked off without saying a word but glanced at Mysterio as she left.