Lance Storm said that WWE offered him a three year contract when ECW started (most likely one year guaranteed plus two option years). Storm turned down the contract because he didn’t have the desire to stay away from his family for several days a week at this point in his life.

Matt Cappotelli has yet to have surgery for his brain tumor. He will be seeing Dr. Jho in Pittsburgh regarding treatment soon though. Cappotelli underwent an MRI this week to check on any possible growth of the tumor.

WWE plans on releasing 13 regular issues of WWE Magazine per year. In addition to the 13 regular issues, they will be releasing 8 special issues per year – usually with some sort of theme. You’ll have to go to the newsstand for those special magazines. So all and all, WWE will be releasing 21 magazine issues per year. It will be fewer this year due to the late start.

Long-term plans have Randy Orton feuding with John Cena and Triple H. He will probably be the top heel on RAW (besides Vince McMahon) in the coming year.