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Show opens up with Rhino in the ring. He has a red bag in tote. He says Vince McMahon wants to give him a job. He says Vince can also kiss his ass. He addresses the issue of the new WWECW, and the fact that they don t have their last TV champ or world champ on their roster. He tells Vince that he can t do that, because he is the only man to ever unify those titles. He says he has the title belt with him in the bag but says he can t take them out because TNA would get sued. He challenges Vince to come to Orlando and take the belt from him. The fans are way into this segment and erupt into a loud Rhino chant. Rhino says he is the war machine and that he s going to do something that he should of done five long years ago. Rhino now takes the belt and storms to the backstage area. In the back Rhino says he is sick of people trying to resurrect things that are dead. He says ECW is dead and the only thing that is left is a proper burial. He drops the belt into a barrel outside and sets fire to it! He says death to ECW, long live TNA. He then lays out an open challenge to anyone in a four sided, six sided, or eight sided ring to come and face him in TNA.

TNA s opening video sequence now plays. Cut to fireworks and then out comes Abyss with James Mitchell. Mike Tenay mentions that Abyss is going be apart of the upcoming six man tag with the James Gang against Team 3D. A James Mitchell promo airs in the background where he says he would sacrifice his mother for the right price.

Match 1- Abyss vs. Norman Smiley

Norman breaks into a dance routine. Abyss scores with the big boot to the schnozz. Abyss scores again with a big splash in the corner. Mitchell pops up on the apron. Smiley is sent into the ropes and is then caught with the Black Hole Slam. Now out comes the James Gang. BG James addresses Abyss and Mitchell, he wants to know if he can count on them. BG says he is going to make a deal with the devil. He asks if Mitchell will promise that that Abyss will fight side by side with them, Mitchell shakes his hand in agreement but Abyss looks reluctant. Abyss finally touches fists with BG signifying their unity .

A sting promo airs… He says Jim Cornnette did what he had to in regards to the title situation. He addresses everyone in the upcoming 4-way at Victory Road. He says Samoa Joe doesn t owe him anything and that Christian is a fine fellow. (or something to that effect) He guarantees them all it will soon be showtime. A very fine looking Christy Hemme is now on my screen hyping up the next segment. (Which is a Senshi match)

A Franchise promo airs. He says he has stripped down the Naturals from their former state into an entire new entity. He says the Diamonds In The Rough will be the unlucky opponents to first discover the power of Douglas s new creation. Now a promo for the Tag Team Champions airs. Christopher Daniels talks about their new female prot?g?, Zerelda (SP?).

The X Division Champion Senshi now makes his way out to the ring for our second match of the night.

Match 2 Senshi vs. Jarrell Clark

Clark hits a tilt-a-whirl head scissors on Senshi. Senshi bounces back with a dominator type maneuver. Senshi throws Clark into the ropes but Clark counters it into a cross body block for a two count. Clark and Senshi exchange some kicks and punches. Senshi wins this affair. Senshi continues his martial arts based attack.. Senshi Irish whips Clark into the corner but Clark counters Senshi running splash by driving his head into the buckle. Senshi now out of nowhere hits a brutal looking kick and then goes up top for his big double stomp finisher. Senshi wins the match, and now we have a Scott Steiner promo. Steiner says Canadians can never match up to Americans. He says at Victory Road, showtime ends. He says that at Victory Road that fat bastard Samoa Joe s win streak will come to an end. Christy Hemme is now back hyping up the next segment yet again. I didn t catch what was said though as I was too busy staring at her chest.

A vignette for the upcoming Victory Road main event matches airs. This is followed by a Christian Cage promo. He says the upcoming match is the first step to him getting his belt back. He talks about how he and Sting locked eyes atop the ladder in KOTM and that Sting knew he was the better man. We now get a new Paparazzi production from Alex Shelley. Shelley is backstage with Johnny Devine. They talk about their upcoming non-title match with Christopher Daniels and AJ Styles. Oh yeah, that match up is going to occur, right now! Devine and Shelley make their way to the ring with the camera set up outside. Now the champions make their entrance in unison. Their tights are color coordinated, as are Shelley and Devine s shirts. We now cut to commercial at the 10:29 point on my central standard clock.

Match 3 The Paparazzi vs AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels.

We are back from the break at the moment of the opening bell. Alex Shelley and AJ Styles start us off. Styles leapfrogs over Shelly but Alex gains the upper hand and reminds everyone that he is smart. Christopher Daniels tags in and takes the fight to Shelley with some unique offense. Shelley is sent into the ropes for a leg clothesline but Johnny Devine saves him by pulling him backwards. Shelley now gains control over Daniels and tags in Devine. Devine quickly works over Daniels and tags in Shelley. The Paparazzi execute some double team maneuvers. Devine covers Daniels for a two count. Devine Irish whips Daniels into the ropes but Daniels moonsaults over him and then hits a huge backbreaker. AJ Styles tags in and comes in with a flurry of offense. Shelley comes in to break up the three count on Devine. Shelley tries to bring in the camera but Zeralda stops him. The champs hit a double team move. AJ Styles hits the Styles Clash on Devine for the academic three count.

Now AMW and Gail Kim rush the ring to attack the champions. Security ignores the brawl in the ring to break up the fight between Zeralda and Gail Kim. Christopher Daniels gets handcuffed to the bottom rope while AJ Styles gets brutalized.

A vignette airs featuring the fead between Raven and Zybysko. Raven mentions that he s been scalped before and it was a brutal affair. Raven says Larry cost him the world title and that his life have been a living hell ever since. Larry says he hates whiners. He says he never lost his world title and that he won t lose this match either. Slick Johnson is now shown handing out photos of a bald Larry Zybysko. Larry shows up and chases Slick around the arena. It is now Samoa Joe s turn to cut a promo on his Victory Road opponents. He says Victory Road belongs to him. He came to TNA to become the man, and that this Sunday, the man is on his way. Somewhere during all of this a commercial break starts up.

Back from the break and we get a re-play of the Victory Road commercial running down all the matches. Now Jeff Jarrett has his chance to speak out. He says he had nothing to do with Zybysko s or Hebner s action. He says Christian s time has passed, he says Samoa Joe will crack under the big match situation. He says he will figure out a way to beat Steiner or Sting. Now we get a Team Canada promo, possibly the last one ever. The Coach says they are all winners. He then says if they lose all of Eric Young s deepest darkest dreams will come true. It is now time for the main event.

Final match Team Canada vs Rhino, Jay Lethal and Team 3D.

Rhino enters first, followed by Jay Lethal. Next out comes Team 3D rounding out the team. Finally Team Canada enters the Impact Zone. If Team Canada loses this match, they must disband. The match starts off with Bobby Roode and Devon. Roode ducks under a Devon punch but then gets nailed with a clothesline followed by a powerslam and headbutt combination. Brother Ray comes in and Team 3D hits a double team leg drop. Now Petey Williams enters the match and gets tied into the tree of woe. Brother Ray sticks his foot into Petey s crotch. Now Jay Lethal comes in with a double axe handle from the top rope. Petey Williams hits Lethal with a neckbreaker as we go to commercial break for the final time.

We are back from the break and Jay Lethal hits an enzeguri kick on Bobby Roode. Rhino now charges in and lays out everybody. Rhino hits a shoulderblock into the corner and then drills A1 with a belly to belly. Now all team members spill into the ring. The ring clears. Petey Williams goes for the Candian Destroyed on Devon but Ray comes in and turns it into a 3D. Lots of brawling ensues, Lethal rolls up A1 for a two count. Jay Lethal is a house on fire but is blindsided by Coach D moore with the Hockey stick. Brother Runt makes the save and lays out D Moore and Team Canada with a plancha. Rhino now gores A1 and allows Jay Lethal to pin him for the victory. Lethal now has a title shot of his choice anytime he wants it. The show closes with a final vignette hyping up the Victory Road 4-way.

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