TNA iMPACT Results - July 27, 2006

Credit: Jules of

We open up this weeks show with a video package of all of last weeks events. Now in the back Jeremy Borash corners Eric Young and the James Gang. BG James says he has been fired from every major wrestling promotion he s ever worked for and tonight he has a fool proof plan. He says Eric Young isn t that good but he entertains him, so he wants him to be a part of his segments. You can hear the fans chanting don t fire Eric in the background.

After the Impact video finishes we cutt to Abyss making his way through the Impact tunnel, but he is blind sided by Brother Runt on his way to the ring. Brother Runt and Abyss brawl their way to the ring while Raven watches perched from his nest in the crowd. Brother Runt hits Abyss with a steel chair but doesn t phase Abyss. Abyss now nails the Black Hole Slam on Runt. James Mitchell, Abyss and Raven have a staredown as we fade to the back.

In the back we have Monty Brown cutting a promo. He says Samoa Joe is a Hippo-phant (Half Hippo, half Elephant) and he wants to be a part of tonight s main event. Back at ringside Petey Williams makes his way to the ring with brand new theme music. Next out comes his opponent, one third of Paparazzi Productions, Johnny Devine. They are then joined by Sharkboy, & Sonjay Dutt. The bell rings and the match starts out with Dutt and Devine who trade some arm drags. Devine then tags out to Sharkboy who fights it out with Dutt. The two of them continue to wrestle competively until Sharkboy sinks his teeth into the backside of Sonjay Dutt s butt. In the rafters (or lift) we see Kevin Nash and Alex Shelley observing the match from afar. We fade to commercial while the action in the ring continues.

Back from commercial and Johnny Devine has a near fall on Sharkboy. Sharky bow tags in Petey Williams. Williams and Devine trade some offensive maneuvers. Sonjay Dutt tags in. Dutt opens up on Williams with a barrage of unique maneuvers. Sharkboy tags in on an unsuspecting Dutt. He s in the ring about a second before he gets hurled out over the top. The match breaks into an all out brawl with everyone in the ring fighting. Somewhere in the midst of this madness Petey Williams hits the Canadian Destroyer on Sharkboy and picks up the academic victory.

We re now in the locker room where Brother Runt is cutting an angry promo that see s him challenge Abyss and nearly shove Borash on his ass. Runt now throws some furniture around as we cut to a vignette for TNA s Bound For Glory PPV which is set to go down in Detroit. Christy Hemme appears on the screen to promote the upcoming segment, and remind us all not to touch our remotes. Don t worry Christy, I aint going nowhere babe

We re back from commercial and Jerry Lynn has some sound advice for Chris Sabin regarding his situation with Kevin Nash. Lynn says Nash has made a mockery out of Sabin and the X Division. Lynn slaps the taste of Sabin and tells him to scream. Sabin obliges with a rather weak attempt at screaming, as we then cut to the Impact Zone where Christian Cage emerges with a microphone. Christian says he s sorry that he ever doubted Sting s intentions in the first place and that overall he s a pretty swell guy. He now calls the Stinger out to the ring. Sting appears and says that TNA is the number one wrestling promotion in the world. He says at Hard Justice he will remove the cancer from TNA.

Speaking of said cancer, we now cut to a Jeff Jarrett interview. Jeff Jarrett says TNA fans are ungrateful SOB s for throwing garbage at him at Slammiversery and that Sting and Christian are in collusion against him. He also says Sting is not on his level and that if he does not beat him at Hard Justice that Sting should just leave TNA for good. Jarrett then says if he loses, he might also depart as well. Christy Hemme pops back up and reminds that coming up next we have, Samoa Joe.

An LAX vignette welcomes us back from commercial. Konnan says the gringos have been taking things from them for far too long and that it s time for them to return the favor. He says at Hard Justice LAX is taking the NWA tag titles back home with them. Former NWA tag team champs AMW (W/ Gail Kim) and A1 now make their way out to the ring for the upcoming six man tag match. Next out comes their opponents The James Gang, along with Showtime Eric Young. BG says that Eric s trunks look great.

BG now gets into the ring to make his customary introductions. Kip James says he has three words for us, Don t fire Eric . The bell rings and Eric Young faces off against former Team Canada partner A1. Eric not wanting to fight his former friend tags out to Kip James. Kip and A1 charge at each other a few times with neither man backing down. A1 then catches Kip and hits him with a powerslam. Kip now tags in Eric Young. Eric avoids tying up with A1 and then gets blindsided by AMW on the apron. Chris Harris now comes in and brutalizes Eric Young a little. Harris now holds Eric Young as A1 contemplates whether or not he should hit him or not. By the time he decides to go through with it Eric ducks and A1 nails Harris, allowing Eric Young to get the decisive pinfall victory for his team.

Alex Shelley and Kevin Nash are now seen in a pre-taped segment with some X-division stars ( or crack addicts as Nash calls them) from Madagascar including Samolian Joe. Nash tries out some some new moves on the two guys including a top rope maneuver that the camera conveniently cuts away right as it goes down. Shelley assures Nash that it was an awesome move as we are treated to a commercial interruption to end the segment.

We come back from the break with a few DVD promos followed by a vignette for Bobby Roode. Roode says he is going to increase PPV buys and drive the ratings through the roof, and that next week the interview process for his services shall begin. Back in the Impact Zone Samoa Joe is in the ring with his trademark towel. He is quickly joined by a charging Rhino. The bell rings and these two monsters engage in a pro-longed staredown with each other and the crowd. The crowd now engages in a let s go Rhino, let s go Joe chant as these two beasts begin pummeling each other.

The two trade shots until Samoa Joe hits a leaping enzeguri which sends both men down to the mat. Monty Brown now appears at ringside with a chair as we go to our final commercial break of the night. We are back from the break and Rhino has Joe locked into a rear chinlock as Monty Brown looks on from the outside. Joe manages to break free from Rhinos grasp and delivers a senton onto Rhino for a two count.

Rhino attempts to throw Joe into the ropes but is reversed and sent hurling into the ref. Rhino now charges at Joe again and is powerslammed hard onto the mat. Rhino then bounces back up and goes for a Gore! Before he can connect Monty pulls Rhino out of the ring. Samoa Joe then seizes the opportunity and hits a suicide dive on both Rhino and Monty. Rhino and Joe brawl on the ramp and Joe gets suplexed on the steel. Rhino goes into the back area to fetch a table.

Rhino sets Joe up by the table and signals for the Gore. Brown now takes out Rhino from behind and goes running out Joe. Joe hits a leaping kick on Brown and then locks him into a standing choke. Rhino then charges and Gores both men through the table as we cut to the vignette for tonights show.