reports that Brian Lee was backstage at Slammiversary.

Sting made an appearance on “Heartland w/ John Kasich” on Fox News Saturday. There wasn’t much to the appearance as Kasich rushes through many guests he has on the program. They played footage from Sting’s recent match with Scott Steiner on TNA iMPACT! on Spike TV a few weeks ago during the whole appearance. Kasich brought up Sting becoming a born again Christian. Sting mentioned WCW going out of business and how he got a call a few years later from one of his good friends about coming to work for TNA. He didn’t say Jerry Jarrett specifically. It ended with Kasich asking how real wrestling was and that it has to hurt. Sting confirmed it did and that fans basically know how it works, but watch it for entertainment.

Toy Biz the makers of TNA’s action figure line has lost the rights to produce Marvel Toys. Once that deal expires at the end of 2006 Toy Biz has stated that they will become more focused on the TNA line.

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