Tons Of Backstage News & Notes From RAW Last Night

During the BBQ parking lot segment, Shawn Michaels walked away when the girls went topless. Shawn has made it clear that he wants no part in risky D-X angles due to his new found interest with religion and WWE has agreed to work around it. Michaels was also absent from the HHH-Candice segment and refuses to yell “Suck It” as well.

Believe it or not, the bus driver used in the parking lot BBQ skit was actually the real full-time bus driver of Triple H and Stephanie McMahon’s tour bus.

Jim Ross’ microphone came unplugged during the very beginning of RAW which would explain why he didn’t open the show with his usual “We are live from…” line.

As if it wasn’t visible from TV, the fireworks were shot off behind the limo last night and then a green smoke bomb was set off inside the car to make it look like the fireworks came from inside the car.

There were many segments that were shot during the early part of the day. The beginning and ending of the show, which featured RVD, Edge, and Cena had to be re-written which caused other segments on the show to be moved. It was a real mess with re-writes still going on while SmackDown! was being taped prior to RAW.