Traci’s New Man, Backstage Heat On New Diva, More TNA News

Traci has had nothing to do for months on end since TNA stopped booking Matt Bentley due to his attitude problems. There has been some talk of pairing her up with Bobby Roode if Frankie Kazarian and TNA can’t work out a deal. TNA wants Roode to be a higher level singles wrestler.

Several wrestlers have heat on the addition of Jaime D to the AMW vs. Daniels and Styles angle. The idea is that these wrestlers have great matches on their own and adding her into the equation will only take the match quality down. Also, Jaime D is another product of Scott D’Amore. He has a lot of pull within TNA. If it wasn’t for D’Amore, its highly unlikely that she would be in TNA in the first place. This is akin to when Hulk Hogan would bring his friends into WCW back in 1994.

TNA finally released a T-Shirt on Alex Shelley and he showed his gratitude by refusing to wear it to the ring. He said he didn’t like it. Dutch Mantell told him to wear it, and then Jeff Jarrett told him he had to wear it to the ring. Interestingly enough, it’s the second best merchandize seller for TNA right now.

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