Two WWE Diva Injuries, WWE SmackDown Tour & More


The Leaan ticket agency website ( has announced that the July 29th show that was meant to take place in Tel Aviv, Israel as part of WWE SmackDown's tour of Israel and had been rescheduled to September 16th has now been canceled. The website says that Leaan representatives will contact ticket holders for the show in the coming days to inform them that they are able to use the tickets at either the September 14th or September 15th show, the website gives no details or even a reason as to why the show has been canceled.

At last night s WWE RAW taping, Victoria suffered a knee injury of some sort while wrestling Torrie Wilson for's Heat. We haven t heard much about the injury however she had to be helped out of the ring and was examined afterwards. Victoria has been suffering from a number of knee problems and could easy take the time out and get it repaired however she has chosen to keep working while wearing a knee brace.

Kristal Marshall suffered a type of rib injury at Sunday s WWE Great American Bash however she should be OK. It is believed that Marshall went to hospital in a preemptive move to make sure the injury wasn't anything serious.