What Happened On WWE RAW During Commercials

(Credit: Brian Richey & PWInsider.com)

- Lillian Garcia sings the National Anthem and leads a "USA" chant. Jim Ross comes out to a big pop and Jerry "The King" Lawler comes out to a decent pop. There is a second announce table that J.R. almost goes to. King is wearing a nice pair of pants and a dress shirt, but still comes out holding his crown.

- Edge looks on at John Cena as he is writhing on the floor. Benjamin goes down and hits Cena with gut kicks and slams his head on the Rated-R announce table. He follows up with a slam and rolls Cena back in at the ref's count of 7. Benjamin gets a two count and the crowd is red hot chanting 'Let's go Cena.' Other crowd members counter with 'Let's go Benjamin,' and they go back and forth. They trade shots and Shelton jumps over a baseball slide to hit a kick to the face followed by a high knee to the face. Benjamin gets another two count and argues with the ref as the crowd yells for Cena. Benjamin locks on a rear choke and the Cena chant is very loud with some fans chanting for Benjamin. Cena powers himself up and hits a side slam. Cena runs toward Benjamin in the corner and is hit with a kick to the face as we go back live.

- John Cena has an angry look on his face and quickly moves up the ramp as the crowd cheers 'Cena, Cena.'

- Maria comes out for the Kiss Cam. One couple had a sign that said 'Just Married' but the guy hid behind the sign. One guy spit out his Coke when he realized he was on and then went on to kiss the girl. Most of the other couples kissed. Two guys dressed as the Spirit Squad gave the finger and were quickly cut away from.

- Trevor Murdoch and Lance Cade come out to the stage and Trevor asks what smells. Cade says it's Iowa and then says that they saw a movie classic the other day: Field of Dreams. It's about a bunch of ghosts playing dress-up while playing baseball in a cornfield in Iowa. Trevor calls it stupid and says he thought the movie was about Heaven. Cade says Heaven and Iowa have nothing in common. Trevor says that Heaven would be the two of them winning the Tag Team Titles. He tells the crowd to think about that.

- Striker has a mic and tells a hurting Conway that he (Striker) executed wrestling maneuvers while 'Robert' chose to punch and kick. He calls him simple and uneducated, just like the crowd. He says some learn by watching and others learn by doing. He tells Robert that he desparately needs to learn and Conway brushes him off. Striker pulls him back and kicks him in the gut. He yells that he needs to learn Striker's golden rule and proceeds to hit a huge DDT. The crowd boos loudly and Striker points to his head as his music plays.

- Big Show and Paul Heyman are backstage excited about the Show-Flair match tomorrow. They stop in their tracks when they see Candace putting on her outfit. Paul asks Show if he can meet him in two minutes and Show questions that all he'll need is two minutes. Paul sends him off and Show says not to do anything he wouldn't do. Paul asks what he wouldn't do and Show says everything. Paul asks Candace what she's doing tomorrow night and asks if she would like to have a Dance-off with Kelly Kelly. Candace says she'd love to come to ECW but doesn't want to have a dance-off. Paul thanks her for her time and starts to leave until Candace says she would rather dance with Kelly than against her. Paul gets excited and puts his ECW hat on her and then asks her to do that spinning dance she does. She does it for him and he leaves, continuing to loudly express how much he likes it.

- The crowd chants "Lillian, Lillian" as she is stretchered off. Suddenly, we cut to a shot of WWE Legendary ring announcer Howard Finkel at WWE Studios. Finkel, complete with on screen name tag, says that what Lillian did was absolutely wrong and goes on about how in his 30 years in the business, he never once got involved or fraternized with the competitors. He says he does wish her well though, and hopes that it is a lesson learned. Methinks the Fink is heading back to RAW.

- Todd Grisham comes out for Sign of the Night. They included: Flair needs to retire, KANE, Carlito + Trish Now That's Cool, Welcome Back DX, a long silver chain that said Chain Gang, Sioux City gets D-X rated tonight, Vince Make Me a Diva with the arrows pointing to a sleeping baby girl, and Lost: An Iowa Corn Cob Found in Vince's Butt (that got a laugh from the crowd.) Todd was asking if there was anymore and he got cut off by Randy Orton's music. Orton started down the ramp.

- WWE Magazine presents the SmackDown! Rebound. Batista returned last Friday night and Mark Henry gloated that he was the reason he was out for so long. Batista called Henry out and Rey Mysterio attacked Henry from behind. Henry pummeled Rey and Batista snapped on Henry, slamming him several times with a steel chair and the steel steps.

- Jerry Lawler gets on the mic and wants to take one second to talk about what we saw earlier. He says tomorrow night could be the greatest night in ECW because they might actually get a legitimate champion should Ric Flair win the ECW Title. He names off Sandman, Tommy Dreamer, and Tazz as examples of Extremely Crappy Wrestling Champions and says that if Flair did win, even he would have to admit that it would not be extremely crappy anymore.