What You Didn't See On SNME Last Night

Credit: David Farmer

- Dark Match Opener
Paul London over Rene Dupree
hot match with a lot of crowd interaction

- They showed a classic WCCW clip from May 1984 the 1st Parade of Champions when the Von Erich's defeated the Freebirds, then Kevin Von Erich came out & got a good pop

- RAW announcers out 1st, followed by JBL & Cole, then Tazz & Styles

During SNME
- Mark Henry seriously injured himself during the 6 man & needed to be helped back by several trainers & staff inclduing Booker T, from my angle I say a Quad Tear

- Todd Grisham did ask some trivia & gave out shirts

- Maria did come out & did the kiss cam & nobody cared

- Before the WWE Championship match, the announcer said we'd get a bonus match with Undertaker v. Umaga & Khali (yipee)

- Post Show
Khali out w/ Davari, then Umaga with No Alejando (Im seriously pissed) against Taker, slow match with not much happening.. Ref bump Taker goes to Chokeslam Khali, Davari in with chair, Taker knocks Khali over the top, chokeslams Umaga & goes for a tombstone but drops Umaga & just hits a leg drop for the pinfall.. Crowd popped for finish, but thats all

Taker saluted the crowd & that was all

1. Batista
2. DX
3. Cena
4. Hogan
5. Undertaker

1. Vince
2. Cena
3. Squad
4. Edge
5. Davari/Khali