Why SNME Didn't Air In Texas, Wrestlers/Strip Clubs, ECW Note, More

Several fans emailed the Austin, TX KXAN affiliate asking why SNME didn't air and got the following response: "Dear Viewer: At KXAN, we do value your comments and opinions, and understand your frustration with the pre-emption of WWE for the movie Four Weddings and a Funeral on Saturday, July 15. Finding programming that satisfies our diverse viewing audience is challenging, and we strive to provide the best entertainment and news options possible. The decision to air the movie on Saturday was based on optimal alignment with other NBC programming airing that night. You will be pleased to know that our sister station, KNVA (The NEW CW Austin) will be airing WWE Friday Night Smackdown at 7pm, beginning Friday, September 22nd, as part of its regular primetime lineup. The larger-than-life two-hour show provides the intensity and hard-hitting action of the WWE s biggest superstars."

There is a commercial in Baltimore running with the following message: "This is Van Hammer, and when I was a professional wrestler I went to gentlemen's clubs all over the world, but the loveliest ladies are from right here in my hometown of Baltimore". It then goes on to plug a local strip club.

RVD vs. Big Show vs. Kurt Angle in a Triple Threat Match for the ECW Heavyweight Title, as well as Test vs. Tommy Dreamer are the advertised matches for the August 21st ECW show in Altoona, PA