WWE Diva Back In Action; Cleared To Wrestle, SNME

The following is Ashley's myspace blog she posted yesterday:


Just got the all finished with the formalities and I am officially cleared to wrestle as of today! Kristal better watch her ass now boy, now that I can come after her, talkin all that sh..$% while I was gone.... It's on...I'm so happy to be back and able to get in the ring. I've missed the physicality...that was a long 4 months eh? Well lets not dwell on htat, the main thing is that I'm back and ready to go...


So, its Fri and I'm about to leave for Dallas, for SNME. Got my lil funky cowboy hat and all set...its so hot, says Dirtbag on the front and I <3 it. You'll see. So, I have to post some fun pics I took of the Great Gregory on his bday, with Matt and Shannon and a bunch of us. We had so much fun. Yes that was us buddy, and I do remember you ;o). Hehe...
Well, Ive gotta get packing, I'm bringing the old laptop so hopefully I can get some network somewhere...we'll see. I'll be hunting for a hotel that has some... I'm like a druggie for network...haha I'm such an internet nerd. I love it. You can't get me off this thing...I wont do it NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
Ok, sorry...inside voice...inside voice...
I'll write later on...top o the morning to yall...
Thanks for your messages...Hopefully, I'm going to whoop some ass at SNME but thanks for all the words of encouragement, I'm just stoked to be back to a lil physicallity I've been on the mend so long. YAY! Just wait I've got this fire burning inside I can't wait to unleash...You guys are awesome...I'll write later
dirty diva