According to the Leaan ticket agency website, the WWE SmackDown! house shows which were originally scheduled to take place July 27-29 and had to be postponed due to the fighting in the region have been rescheduled, to these new dates:

Thursday, September 14th, 20:30 (Originally Thursday, July 27th, 20:30)
Friday, September 15th, 16:00 (Originally Friday, July 28th, 14:00)
Saturday, September 16th 21:00 (Originally Saturday, July 29th, 21:00)

The website also mentions to those who bought their tickets for the tour that was rescheduled to hold on to them as those tickets will be honored on the new dates on the day they correspond to.

There are both many advantages and disadvantages in WWE moving RAW to the Score. Firstly an advantage is that the Score are much more lenient in editing. The RAW Rebounds which are often shown are the segments that were edited out of RAW on TSN. The ticker at the bottom takes up 13.95% of the screen on a typical 4:3 TV. The wrestlers are not compressed. TSN’s production glitches are far more frequent and resulting in missed programming while they “experience technical difficulties”. If the baseball runs over by 5 minutes, TSN will edit that out of RAW which is usually done by eliminating backstage segments however they have also edited out matches for this.

Doug Basham, Danny Basham, Rene Dupree, and Gunner Scott have all been removed from the WWE RAW and SmackDown superstars pages. The Bashams are scheduled to be relocated to ECW, while Gunner Scott has gone back down to OVW and there is talk of Dupree is going to RAW.

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